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A one of a kind service for Private Jet Passengers
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Whether you are arriving on your jet at a local FBO, or departing from your hotel or house to a local FBO.  Experience our one of a kind ground transportation service for General Aviation clients.

Traveling privately is one of the most convenient ways to travel.  At Ski Town Transportation we are pleased to offer a one of a kind, customized service to private jet passengers.  We offer a customized high end one of a kind service to private jet passengers. All of our staff undergoes training that covers everything from aircraft/airport terminology to FBO knowledge and training, making our staff well versed in private aviation. With this service our staff has great knowledge of but not limited to; general aviation ground transportation, aircraft ground transportation scheduling, dispatch aircraft type, tail numbers and AOA ramp safe drivers.  With the latest in aircraft tracking software our drivers/vehicles will always be planeside at least 30 minutes prior to your aircraft landing, or at a time you choose. When the aircraft door opens our vehicle and professional driver will greet you planeside on the tarmac/ramp, your experience will begin and your driver will assist you with anything you need.  We know the type of service and experience you get flying privately and it’s our promise to deliver you the same level of service and trust that you receive on your jet.

When reserving your next trip please call one of our reservation specialists so we get all important details including tail number, times, drink of choice, addresses, etc. ensuring a seamless trip. We look forward to seeing you on the tarmac for your next trip! “Our goal is to provide you with a completely seamless and unforgettable experience; from the time you call to make your reservation, to when one of our professional drivers shakes your hand goodbye. It’s our promise, to go above and beyond every time you ride with us. We look forward to serving you”


  • VIP Client Status (Information on file, paperwork completed pre-arrival)

  • Planeside Pickup Service

  • Pre-Trip Planning

  • Luggage & Personal Assistance

  • Beverages of choice in vehicle

  • FBO Selection

  • Concierge Service (FBO Reservations, Hotel, Dining, Event Tickets, Etc)

  • 24/7 On Call Service

  • Flight Tracking

  • Drop Off & Pickup Service

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